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A professional au pair agency.


We are among the absolute leading fullservice au pair agencies in Denmark. We are thus one of the au pair agencies, which both have extensive experience and extensive expertise in the field. We also collaborate with other agencies globally.

There are many requirements that must be met in order to become a host family. This is where we can help you through it all. In addition, a number of requirements must be met by the applicant in order for a residence permit to be granted when it is an alien who wishes to reside in Denmark.

Many families are too busy, and here an au pair is often a very good solution. We always do everything we can to find the best match between an au pair and the host family. With the right match, your family can look forward to a wonderful time with more free time and more profit for all.

 Au pair means "on an equal terms". That is why, the au pair must be included in the family as a family member.

We call ourselves a professional full service agency. Therefore we are also available for questions, both during and after the contract is signed, as well as the entire period you have au pair or are an au pair.