A new year, new opportunities and new paths await.

18. January 2021

2021 has arrived, and thus unfortunately also new challenges in relation to Covid- 19 in Denmark. We had hoped, that we were completely done with challenges around this. But we must try to keep the subject out as much as we can, and focus on the positive.

But first a look back at the year that has passed. Despite the fact that 2020 created a number of challenges for au pairs who had to enter and leave the country, we look back on the year with satisfaction. All au pairs who had applied to become an au pair in Denmark has arrived. In addition, we have also sent several Danish au pairs out into the world. Australia and the United States are continuously closed down for entry, and remain closed down. So far until April 1st -2021. Right now, we are waiting for Joe Biden to pull on his working clothes and hopefully lift the entry ban. But we have sent Danish au pairs to France, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland and Ireland, and the girls are nice to write and share their experiences. It is a huge privilege to be allowed, in collaboration with the agencies we work with, to match families and Danish au pairs, and contribute to their experiences for life.

In 2020, we rounded over 20 agencies that we work with globally. It gives us great opportunities to help both families and au pairs in a broader perspective, but also the opportunity to draw on competencies and networks.

In 2021, we will continue unabated and move on as good as we can. We believe that the year, despite the C **…. (Beep beep) challenges will be positive. With the prospect that most of us want to be vaccinated, and that we can thus "open up" to the world again. We are currently having problems getting au pairs into Denmark due to the closure. When we were shut down last March, it was still possible to get au pairs in as au pairs had a recognizable purpose. They do not have this option right now until February 7th. unless they have a residence permit. We do not understand this, as the purpose in relation to last year is still the same. We believe that it should be possible to enter on the same terms as others. If you can present a negative Covid test, and test again on arrival and subsequently can isolate yourself for the recommended period, we see no reason why au pairs can not enter. We have sent e-mails to both the Minister of Integration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and explained the problem.

Brexit is currently creating challenges for the au pairs, who want to go to the UK. There is not yet a concrete solution in the au pair area, and therefore it is not possible right now, to apply as an au pair in England. We know, that many organisations work hard on a solution, and we try to keep us updated with the agencies we corporate with in both England and Scotland. Our hope is, that there is a solution during the spring, so we can send au pairs off this summer. There are many families who desperately need help in their everyday life (not only in the UK, but also in Scandinavia) and with lockdown, online teaching, homework and young children at home, there is a pressure on the families. So a solution is badly needed soon. If you want to sign the complaint, you can do it here.

This year we also got in touch with a blogger Nikoline who wants to share her story with us from when she was an au pair. We are very much looking forward to that. It will primarily be to future au pairs who receive our newsletter as we benefit from Nikoline's stories. So do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter which we send once a month approx. And you can also follow Nikoline's website

A new year, new opportunities and new paths await. We are always ready with help to match families and au pairs in Europe. Each family and au pair is unique, and requires a personal and safe process. Our goal is to guide families and au pairs into things step by step in the process. You have to do as little as possible yourself. We want to help both parties create an experience of a lifetime, and finally do not hesitate to contact us here if you need help.

Do you need more experience working with kids?

10. December 2020

We have received a request from which helps Swedish families to find babysitters and publishes jobs for babysitters. One of the most important parameters when you have to be an au pair is that you have experience of childcare. So that's why it's a good idea to get a job as a babysitter. See 

To become an au pair, you need to be well prepared and have enough experience working with children! There are many different ways to increase your knowledge about working with kids. Read our 7 tips on how you can get more experience working with children!

 1. Siblings

Do you have a little brother or a little sister that you often look after? Do your parents put you in charge when they leave the house? Taking care of your own siblings is a great way to learn more about child care and how to handle different situations.

 2. Extended Family

Besides your siblings, you could also try babysitting your cousins, nieces, nephews, and other young family members. Since your family members already know you, they will feel more secure having you be their babysitter. If it is your first time babysitting, it could also be a big relief that the children already know you (and hopefully like you).

 3. Babysitter via

A great way to prepare yourself for an au pair trip, is to first work as a babysitter in your home country. It’s beneficial to have lots of experience with children before becoming an au pair, so that you don’t end up in an unusual or uncomfortable situation in a foreign country. Taking care of children who aren’t in your family, shows that you are able to adapt to different environments and personalities. On you can create a free babysitting profile and easily find parents in your area who need a sitter! Click here to create your babysitting account!

 4. Coaching

Have you ever been a coach? This is a great way to work with kids, while doing something you really enjoy! Think about your hobbies and interests. There are swim teams, dance groups, chess clubs, and all sorts of recreational activities that you can take part in. Make sure to mention your hobbies when you apply to become an au pair. It will be more fun for both you and the host family if you have similar interests!

 5. Camp Counselor

There are also many different types of camps! Basketball camp, art camp, wilderness camp, and so forth. Have you ever thought about being a camp counselor? It is a really fun way to get some more experience!

 6. Scout

Are you a boy/girl scout? Or have you ever been a boy/girl scout? Then maybe you have helped some of the younger scouts? This is also a great way to get experience working with children!

 7. Volunteer

Working at a daycare, pre-school, or elementary school, are a few of the best ways to learn about caring for children. It may be hard to get a job, however, if you are young and don’t have any formal childcare education. Instead, look into summer-jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. You can learn a lot from the people working there, and you will get plenty of experience working with different children!


Don’t forget to ask for references at each of the places where you have worked with children!


This article was written by Babysits. Babysits is a babysitting app and website that connects babysitters with families in a safe and secure manner. For more babysitting tips, check out the Babysits blog!


New restrictions

25. October 2020

Last Friday, during the press conference with our Prime Minister, we imposed new restrictions in relation to the Corona virus. Fortunately, it can be said that for most industries, it did not mean a new shutdown, but simply increased use of a mouth piece in public areas, as well as more awareness that viruses are still here. Unfortunately, it still creates challenges for several industries, and we are all more or less affected by the restrictions. But lets get up on the horse and find your creativity again. We could handle it in the spring, and we can handle it again. And I think we are up for some different ways to hold, for example, the Christmas lunches this year than before.

So what challenges does it present for the families and au pairs at the moment? This spring, I had a great dialogue with several of the agencies I cooperate with, and one thing is for sure; We are all still working hard to solve what can be solved, and take on the challenges that come. In the spring, it was the case that despite the fact that the borders were closed, that when you had a visa and a recognizable purpose in Denmark, it was possible to enter the country. So far, that's what I still hear is valid. The challenge has been that the Philippine authorities have refused to let the au pairs leave the country. So it has had nothing to do with the Danish authorities. And I would generally like to praise the Danish authorities for being super quick to step in, if there has been a problem that needed to be solved right now. I think it shows, that we are all trying to adapt to the new situation, lift and solve the challenges together.

Mette Frederiksen imposed several restrictions last Friday. But I do not think it is something that creates challenges in terms of applying for an au pair. There is still a three-month processing time for an au pair application, and therefore I do not see any need to hold back from starting the process now.

I have many really good candidates who would like to go to Denmark and Scandinavia as an au pair. Many of them ask if Denmark is closed? So I have a lot of correspondence, and spend a lot of time "getting rid of the rumors". It is clear that the procedure is a little different than it usually is, due to the pandemic. But I think I, together with both au pairs, authorities and families, we get things resolved. We have had a number of au pairs coming up here in the last few months. If there are challenges in the process, it has so far been possible to cope with most of them. That is why we also always make a Power of Attorney for the applications, so that I can handle most things in the process for you.

Many families have also asked how they have had to approach, when they have had to pick up an au pair at the airport compared to Covid-19. And what are the rules? All au pairs must be tested before departure, and of course be able to present a negative test. When they arrive in Denmark, I have recommended to the families that they be tested as soon as possible and then go into isolation until there is a negative answer. Ie. that an au pair is tested twice within a week, ie both in the days before departure and on arrival. I think that is enough. However, if in doubt, I would always recommend contacting the Joint Authority's hotline on + 45 70 20 02 33. Here they can answer any questions regarding Corona virus if in doubt.

The assessment from this is that it is still possible to both apply for an au pair and get an au pair into the country. And it is also possible to get out of the country as an au pair. One must constantly distinguish between being a tourist, and having to live in the country for a longer period of time.

If you have questions about either getting or becoming an au pair, you are always welcome to contact me. I hope that with my network and with the "tools" I have got in my backpack (-not just during the Corona time) I can help both families and au pairs in a safe way, to get the best match and experiences together.

Graduation time & future

29. June 2020

These days we see in Denmark all the newly hatched students celebrate that the cap is in house. And this year, most people have probably enjoyed it a lot, because it was not possible to drive a student drive and visit mom and dad. But it succeeded, and it must then be celebrated. Around the corner, a new chapter awaits after the summer holidays for most students. And whether you start out in a new education, have been apprenticed or have taken a sabbatical, summer should be enjoyed first.

There are several who have applied to come abroad as an au pair, and we have had many good placements with families looking forward to inviting a Danish au pair into their family for August / September. For example, we have found a family outside Venice for a Danish girl. And there are several matches on the way in Italy and Spain. There are also some who have already said that they are interested in coming to London later this year. We have also seen an interest in Australia, and right now we are awaiting a decision from the Australian Government regarding the opening of the country for au pairs.

In addition, we also have locations in the United States. And here's the challenge right now that President Trump and the US government have suspended the au pair scheme until New Year's. However, at 30-60 day intervals they will go in and actively look for more openings. But, as has been the case in Denmark, it is about managing the infection pressure.

Of course, it is frustrating not being able to get all the placements through from here, as we know that both families and au pairs are very excited to meet. But when I talk to the agencies I work with, they are all both confident and working on high pressure to do what they can to make everything successful. But that's not all things we can do about it. But we try ... And we have to believe in the projects we put in the lake and try to sail them safely in port. We also do this going forward. And therefore our ambition is that whatever is possible, we do something about now. And all that can be done later, we take care of that whenever possible.

And in the meantime, we must be positive, and rejoice in the adventures that await the au pairs, who can soon pack the suitcase and get off. We hope that they will share their experiences with us and pass them on to other future au pairs.

But before then we and they will enjoy the hat, all the parties and hopefully a nice warm and sunny summer in Denmark.

Corona, isolation, a new everyday life and being grasped...

25. May 2020

It's been tough times for the last ten weeks for most people in the world. A completely unreal and inconceivable situation for most people, and the whole family gathered in the home for schooling, babysitting and work. But (-since I live in Denmark, have my agency here, I have to deal with the situation here) the Danes have been super cool, and praised for the handling of virus. Slowly and controlled the society is being opened up again. We must continue to take care of ourselves and each other to avoid a set back. At the same time, it has been impressive to experience how everyone has been "in the same boat", thought solution-oriented and got homeschooling, childcare and career to run in the best way. My own two teen-age children learned both structure and overview in our everyday life. Phrases like "I have a meeting in half an hour on Teams" and "Mette (our prime minister) has a press conference at 13.00" became everyday life. And they saw how mommy was working and running her business form the office. And we met in the kitchen every day for lunch break.

I think we will learn a lot from this period. Among other things, I think we learn that it takes a lot before we become completely paralyzed again, and not quickly are able to think creatively and in opportunities instead of obstacles. Of course, there are things that are out of our hands, no matter how hard we try to solve them. But I also think that we will learn to appreciate each other, the family, a huge hug and just enjoy being social. The little things have become more important. Yesterday when I visiting the city center where I live, I got a bit emotional from seeing people sitting in cafées on the streets and alleys, enjoying an ice cream and a cold beer in the sunshine. This is something that most people have missed, and that we have taken for granted.

The day Denmark was locked down, I was at the colleges in Aarhus putting up posters about becoming an au pair abroad. Due to the lock down I had to give up completion in the rest of the country this year. On the other hand, I have an ad in a little book that comes along with all the graduation hats for the future graduating students. This means that it is still possible to go abroad and experience the world as an au pair if you have thoughts of taking a year off if you are a "scandinavian youngster" who finish College now. If you are from other countries abroad and want to come to Scandinavia as au pair you can apply here. And also remember to read the website carefully to answer all you questions before applying. All should be describe there.

Inquiries from families and au pairs are starting to come in again, and it is super nice and just the way it should be. At the same time, I hear from the agencies I work with around the world, that they are confident in terms of border openings within the next month or two. So we believe that it is of course possible to send au pairs as well as get au pairs to Scandinavia as soon as possible. Embassies and Consulates have continued being closed. But the last message is, that most Embassies and Consulates and Public buildings have shorter deadlines now for opening than they have had so far. So at the end of May - early June, we hope they start opening up globally again. So there is still a reason to believe in the dream and the project, whether you want to be an au pair or want an au pair. We will keep you updated on the latest news on the opening of Embassies and Consulates, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. as much as we can.

There are still things we can do, if you would like to have an au pair or travel abroad as an au pair. The application process itself and finding a family or au pair we can still start up. The actual visit to the embassy is later. But the advantage of using is that you have to make as little as possible yourself. We guide families and au pairs throughout the process, and we are available throughout the period you are either au pair or have au pair in the family. So you are never alone.

Right now we are in need of Scandinavian au pairs for Italian families. A "sports crazy" family in Milan wants an au pair for 6 months after the summer holidays. A family near Alba with a girl of 10 years need an au pair as soon as the borders open and 3 months ahead. So, if you or someone you know wants an experience in the Southern Europe, then please do contact us or apply here. You may also contact me and hear more about the specific families. I will post specific "au pair jobs" on Facebook, Instagram and in the Newsletters in the future. So there are several opportunities to stay up to date on these on social media. Sign up for the newsletter on the website either as a family or au pair. Right now there is a "Freebie" where you get 4 emails with good advice to either become au pair or get au pair. And good advice we can all use once in a while. And don't worry…. I don't spam you or write anything long and outrageous ... And if you have any questions about anything specific, you are always welcome to call or write to us. You can do that right here.