18. January 2021

A new year, new opportunities and new paths await.

2021 has arrived, and thus unfortunately also new challenges in relation to Covid- 19 in Denmark. We had hoped, that we were completely done with challenges around this. But we must try to keep the subject out as much as we can, and focus on the positive.

But first a look back at the year that has passed. Despite the fact that 2020 created a number of challenges for au pairs who had to enter and leave the country, we look back on the year with satisfaction. All au pairs who had applied to become an au pair in Denmark has arrived. In addition, we have also sent several Danish au pairs out into the world. Australia and the United States are continuously closed down for entry, and remain closed down. So far until April 1st -2021. Right now, we are waiting for Joe Biden to pull on his working clothes and hopefully lift the entry ban. But we have sent Danish au pairs to France, Italy, Spain, England, Scotland and Ireland, and the girls are nice to write and share their experiences. It is a huge privilege to be allowed, in collaboration with the agencies we work with, to match families and Danish au pairs, and contribute to their experiences for life.

In 2020, we rounded over 20 agencies that we work with globally. It gives us great opportunities to help both families and au pairs in a broader perspective, but also the opportunity to draw on competencies and networks.

In 2021, we will continue unabated and move on as good as we can. We believe that the year, despite the C **…. (Beep beep) challenges will be positive. With the prospect that most of us want to be vaccinated, and that we can thus "open up" to the world again. We are currently having problems getting au pairs into Denmark due to the closure. When we were shut down last March, it was still possible to get au pairs in as au pairs had a recognizable purpose. They do not have this option right now until February 7th. unless they have a residence permit. We do not understand this, as the purpose in relation to last year is still the same. We believe that it should be possible to enter on the same terms as others. If you can present a negative Covid test, and test again on arrival and subsequently can isolate yourself for the recommended period, we see no reason why au pairs can not enter. We have sent e-mails to both the Minister of Integration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and explained the problem.

Brexit is currently creating challenges for the au pairs, who want to go to the UK. There is not yet a concrete solution in the au pair area, and therefore it is not possible right now, to apply as an au pair in England. We know, that many organisations work hard on a solution, and we try to keep us updated with the agencies we corporate with in both England and Scotland. Our hope is, that there is a solution during the spring, so we can send au pairs off this summer. There are many families who desperately need help in their everyday life (not only in the UK, but also in Scandinavia) and with lockdown, online teaching, homework and young children at home, there is a pressure on the families. So a solution is badly needed soon. If you want to sign the complaint, you can do it here.

This year we also got in touch with a blogger Nikoline who wants to share her story with us from when she was an au pair. We are very much looking forward to that. It will primarily be to future au pairs who receive our newsletter as we benefit from Nikoline's stories. So do not hesitate to sign up for our newsletter which we send once a month approx. And you can also follow Nikoline's website https://bidtaffrankrig.dk

A new year, new opportunities and new paths await. We are always ready with help to match families and au pairs in Europe. Each family and au pair is unique, and requires a personal and safe process. Our goal is to guide families and au pairs into things step by step in the process. You have to do as little as possible yourself. We want to help both parties create an experience of a lifetime, and finally do not hesitate to contact us here if you need help.

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