The procedure from start to finish

Where and how to find an au pair?

Au pair means "on equal terms" in french.

Opening your home to a stranger, is a big decision. And moving in with a foreign family, in a foreign country, with a different culture, is an equally big decision. However, it is an experience of a lifetime!

When you contact us to become au pair or you are looking for an au pair, we start ensuring what you want and what kind of wishes you have. You can either cal, send an email or fill out the application form here. we prefer that you use the online application. Whether you apply as an au pair or you are a host family. The online application is on the contact page on top. 

Please fill out the application form with all the information requested and upload some pictures. This way we can get to know you better and find out what you specifically want. Next, there are some criteria that need to be met in order for us to move forward in the process.

In order to be an au pair or to get an au pair, the first thing we do, is to ensure through the online application what your needs are. If you live up to the rules and criterias, then we can move forward in the of process of applying.

When these are fulfilled, we start the process and send the first invoice (prices underneath). Once paid, we find some au pair applicants in the directory, all of whom are screened and ready for au pair families, which you can contact. We also send you some good ideas for the interview process when we send the candidates as well.

When you have found an au pair or a family and there is a match, we will send the second part of the invoice and start the au pair application. We strive to help both you and the au pair, and guide you through the whole process. If you have any questions after arrival, you are always welcome to contact us. We are here to help you throughout the whole period, and it does not cost extra. 

The whole process takes approx. 3 months. It seems like a long time, but in this way we ensure that you get the right au pair or au pair host family. You have talked to and selected him or her by interview, and you may have subsequently written together by mail. This way you know that you get the right au pair or family and that the chemistry is good. If you get an au pair who wants to change family or someone who is in the EU already, the optimal match is not always guaranteed. You can easily compromise your wishes and needs because you are a little preoccupied with being in Europe or current country already. An au pair that is already here does not always equate to an approval and may not "work" as an au pair until he / she is approved. In addition, the application process is the same. So why not find the right candidate from the start?

For Au pairs (outside EU)

This process takes approx. 3 months from all paperwork is completed, so it is important to get started in time. We cannot say how long it takes for us to find an au pair hostfamily as it varies a lot.

We can help you through the process from start to finish this way:

  • Fill out the online application here.
  • First payment 500,- DKR. when your application is approved by our agent. 
  • Interview on Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger (see the contact page for more information)
  • Initiating family search
  • Second payment 1.500,- DKR. when there is a match.
  • Total price is therefore 2.000,- DKR incl. VAT. - approx 16.000 PHP (Please check current rates)
  • We guide you through the whole process from beginning till approval.
  • Introduction course in 3 hours approx. in Manila before departure (mandatory) 
  • Welcome present when arriving (handbook describing rules, information on many things to help you and the family in your everyday life when questions arise).
  • You can always contact us during your au pair stay, if you have questions etc. It is free of charge and we are here to help.


(No refund if au pair is not approved by the International Recruitment and Integration Agency *)

For families applying for au pair outside EU

There are two options:

  1. First thing is to fill out the online application here. When the application form is completed and we have received it, we send the first invoice- payment for starting the process 3500.- DKR and we start to find the right au pair. You will get 4-5 screened candidates to start with and choose from. We will send an introduction to all candidates who you can contact for interview. All our own au pair applicants will have a health certificate and a clean criminal record from 2020 onwards.
  2. When there is a match and you have found a qualified au pair and you have a right chemistry, we send the second invoice. The second payment 2500,- DKR. Afterwords we guide you in filling out the online application, we help or create case number, create an au pair insurance if you wish, etc. We also email you a Power of Attorney for both parties to sign, so we can handle any challenges for you if they occur. In addition, we are always available with guidance and advise throughout the procedure so you need to do as little as possible yourself.        
  3. If you choose one of our own filipino au pairs, the au pair will also receive a 3 hour introduction course in Manila before departure when approved (Regular price 200 EUR.)
  4. We will send a little Welcome present to the au pair right before arrival. A handbook with good advice, rules, Do´s & Dont´s. A nice tool for a good start for both parties.                                    

Price 6000.- incl. VAT (+ costs litigation, insurance, case id, airfare etc.)


2. option: You can also choose to do everything yourself. So the only thing we help you with is finding the au pair and make sure the person live up to the rules. Please start by filling out the online application here.

Price 3500 DKR incl. VAT. Paid when applying.

Payable upon commissioning as in the above procedure.

We cannot guarantee an approval of a case/ family/ au pair.

(All payments are non refundable if not approved by the Aurhorities*)





In special cases we can also help you and you can pay an hourly fee of 750 DKR incl. tax

We only charge you for the hours we spend on handling your case. If you already have an applicant and are in process but have questions or want us to handle the rest of the case. Or if you need help to finding an au pair for a market we don’t normally place au pair in. To name a few examples. But you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions.