The procedure from start to finish

Au pair means "on equal terms" in french.

Opening your home to a stranger, is a big decision. And moving in with a foreign family, in a foreign country, with a different culture, is an equally big decision. However, it is an experience of a lifetime!

When you contact us we prefer that you use the online application. Whether you apply as an au pair or you are a host family. Online application is on the contact page on top. 

In order to be an au pair or to get an au pair, the first thing we do, is to ensure through the online application here, and an interview, what your needs are.

If you live up to the rules and criterias, then we can move forward in the of process of applying.

Once these criterias are met, we will find some au pairs/ families in our book.

Once you have found an au pair or family, and there is a match, we will begin to fill in the application. We strive to give you the best service and guide you from the beginning till final approval.


For Au pairs (outside EU)

This process takes 2-3 months from all paperwork is completed, so it is important to get started many months before needed.

We can help you through the process from start to finish this way:

  • Fill out the online application here.
  • First payment (50% =1.500,- DKR.) when your application is approved by our agent. 
  • We strive to find a family via our match as described above
  • Second payment (50%= 1.500,- DKR.) when there is a match.
  • Total price is therefore 3000,- DKR incl. VAT. - approx 21.316 PHP (Please check current rates)
  • We guide you through the whole process from beginning till approval.
  • Welcome present when arriving ( a little present and a handbook describing rules, information on many things to help you and the family in your everyday life).
  • You can always contact us during your au pair stay, if you have questions etc. It is free of charge and we are here to help.

For families

Here you have two options:

1. option: First thing is to fill out the online application here. We contact you afterwords and find the right au pair, meets all the papers, create case number, au pair insurance, send the papers to be signed for you, and send all the papers, so you must do as little as possible yourself. We are of course available with advice and guidance in the procedure.

Price 5000,- DKR incl. VAT (+ costs insurance, case id, etc.)

First payment when applying 3000,- DKR. Second payment 2000,- DKR. when there is a match.

NEWS! We will send a little Welcome present to the au pair right before arrival. A little present and a handbook with good advice, rules, Do´s & Dont´s. A nice tool for a good start for both parties.

2. option: You can also choose to do everything yourself. So the only thing we help you with is finding the au pair and make sure the person live up to the rules. Please start by filling out the online application here.

Price 3000,- DKR incl. VAT. Paid when applying.

We cannot guarantee an approval of a case/ family/ au pair.

(All payments are non refundable if not approved by SIRI*)

Do you consider an au pair for your family?