05. October 2021

Update and good news

The blog has been quiet for a long time this summer. And there is a reason for that. It has been super busy. Both by matching new families and au pairs, but also by pushing the "pile" of applications which were rejected during the lockdown and have the cases approved. It is under control now, and it is a great joy that the "machinery" is back on track and the world is slowly opening up again.

This also means that a number of Danish au pairs have been sent out into the world again. And it has been great to be able to help fulfill the girls' wish for a leap year, and help them in their desire to travel. The only challenge that has been, and it has also been great, has been to send the au pairs to the United States. Where has it been uphill for them and they have really struggled. Many times they have approached the US Embassy to book a time for a visa and they have received a blank rejection each time. And every time they have approached and been frustrated - and I can very easily understand that, the only answer I have been able to give them: "Try again". It has been frustrating for them in particular, but also for me because I have not been able to do anything else. But NOW it's finally happening… In November, the US finally opens for the fully vaccinated and that means they can finally get going.

We have received many new candidates from various countries, the Philippines, Nepal, South America and Kenya among others. And it is always great to talk to the girls, who are just ready for adventure and travel and become part of the families in Denmark, Norway and Sweden that we primarily have families in. They are full of courage and have prepared and either know someone or have read about being an au pair. Several express that they are a little frustrated that there are so many families right now who do not want to give au pairs who are in their home countries the chance. And I can actually understand that. It also amazes me. Maybe it's easier that they've tried it before. Yes, but is it the right candidate? Is the chemistry optimal? Or maybe you compromised a bit because the au pair was here before? And who says that because you come directly from the Philippines or Kenya, you can not figure out how to clean in advance? That is why I would like to strike a blow so that one does not only look at candidates who are in Europe. I would like to encourage you to be open and investigate what the different candidates that you are introduced have to offer. Are they sweet and easy to talk to? Do they have humor and go for courage and have an interest in the family? That's the most important thing I think. And then they can probably learn to operate a dishwasher. There is also someone who must give these girls in their home country a chance. And fortunately we have families who want that. If one does not have a good chemistry and the dialogue is natural and there is a reciprocity in the family for each other. Yes, what makes it so she can empty the dishwasher? This is not to say that all those who want to be an au pair in Denmark should not also have a chance. So should they. What I mean is that everyone should have a fair chance and one should look more at person AND qualifications. Sometimes I get inquiries from families who have requirements like these for an au pair: She must be in Europe in advance, she must have au pair experience, she must be +25 and have a driver's license and first aid course and used to 3 children and 2 dogs . The more requirements you have, the more narrow the field of candidates. But there are a lot of cute girls who really want to, and as it is my hope you will be open to and give a chance.

During the summer, Aupairagent.dk became a member of IAPA. It is the International Au Pair Association- An international association of au pair agencies globally. And we are really happy to be a member of that. This is because it allows us to expand the collaboration and the network further. Before this membership we had approx. 30 other au pair agencies we collaborated with. Now we have 150. So it gives both the opportunity to look at other nationalities for the families but also to send the Danish au pairs under other skies. So if you as a family have a wish for a candidate from a country like you ex. Have visited or lived in, or you as an au pair have a desire for something specific, well then we do everything we can to help and fulfill this desire.

We learn every day and strive to further develop and optimize so that the requirements for the candidates are increased. And we try to make it as easy for the families as possible to apply for an au pair. That is the most important task. We know that everyday life is busy and therefore it should not be the au pair application process that fills. We'll take care of that. I have allied myself further with Nerry -My colleague in the Philippines and it is great that she can take care of authorities and investigate things where she is. Before Covid, she has also been in charge of our introductory courses and we hope to be able to resume them soon. It is a requirement now that our graduates have the course before departure. 3 hours where they are trained in "basics" in their own language, with videos and a handbook they can keep. Then we have at least made ours so that they know a little about what awaits them in the new family. SO we are constantly doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible at all. And there is nothing more beautiful than when a new family says they have been recommended to us by another family. Nice… We are both grateful and proud of that.

Now autumn has crept in. The rain and wind are shaking the last brown leaves of the trees and before we know it, this year is over. How the situation is in relation to the (hopefully last) Corona, we do not know. But so far it has been fairly painless to get au pairs both at the Embassies around and also get them to Denmark when they are approved. So, of course, we hope to continue. For the last year and a half, we have adapted to what was possible and what was not, and we will continue to do so. But as an IAPA member, there are now also a lot of agencies to get good candidates from, but who not least also stay up to date on what can be done, and then we act on that basis.

Remember that you can always write an email or call us if you have questions. Our info is on the contact page.

And then we would like to show our fine membership certificate: 0)

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