About Aupairagent.eu

Aupairagent.dk is run by Karina Volff, who has previously been an au pair. She has also had several au pairs for a number of years.

"When you are self employed with 2 children, dogs, horses and a house, then an au pair is a life saver. But it also requires a lot in finding the perfect match. When both parties are happy, an au pair is not just a helping hand in the household and family life, but it is also an extra personality that you invite into you home, which can contribute to exciting experiences and insights into a new and different culture, and perhaps even expand the children's linguistic competencies. An au pair also acquire knowledge and experience from our culture, which can be a great help when they return to their home country. It goes both ways and everyone has to be open and accommodating. It's about much more than just cheap labor. I'm very sorry that the debate is often about the negative rather than the positive in the programme. Nobody should be distrusted and nobody should be exploited, and there are many good stories out there, that I believe gets too little focus. Stories about friendship for life, and stories of children who, at an early age, are geared to educate themselves in English, and not least in another culture. They and we gain a knowledge and a greater understanding of other people and each other ".

Why choose us?

How do I get an au pair to my home?

1. We have helped many families and aupairs in many countries.

2. We emphasize that it should be a good experience for both parties to use us.

3. We want to ensure that our families and au pairs live up to the standards and regulations on the area (Foreigndepartment). All families and au pairs are interviewed and screened personally.

4. We have many years of experience with having au pairs ourselves, and have a great network. So as a family we can help you better.

5. We are happy to help you if you have any questions.

6. We have our own contact person at the Authorities (in Denmark) but also contact to many of the Embassys and Consulates globally, who can help us with guidance and questions in any case. That optimizes your application both time wise and qualitywise, as we strive to handle the most for you.



Commitment is crucial when it comes to dealing with humans. So it's important for us, that it will be a positive experience for all.

Should there be problems between the parties, we are also able to accommodate this, and have experience in placing au pairs in another family, and finding a new au pair. We also help with conflict resolution or, at worst, repatriation.