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How to apply for an au pair?

Filling in an au pair application requires a lot. There are many rules to follow, and this is a time-consuming process. That's why we offer to help you as much as possible. We are focused on guiding you and keeping you constantly informed about how things are going. And we'll follow you on the sideline all the way from first contact until you hopefully have an approval.

Our experience tells us that when au pairs are applied for, you get the best result by taking the time to find the right candidate and talking to them in a Skype interview. Many families today want an au pair with experience and possibly already in Europe. Therefore, they end up compromising their true wants and needs and therefore do not always achieve the best match. Therefore, when seeking an au pair, we recommend that you take the necessary time to find the right candidate and do it - not least, in time.



Our service includes:

1. Creation of a case ID
2. Guide how to complete the application
3. Managing insurances
4. If desired buying the planeticket (extra cost)
5. Introduction course 3 hours in Manila before departure if you choose one of our candidates 
6. Contacting the Embassy or the Authorities etc. where we have our own contactperson, as we always use a Power of Attorney (signed by all parties)

Laura Navarro, a former au pair:

"You are still a stranger, the world is dangerous, and you are taking care of their most precious thing in the world....their kids". 

"First of all in the beginning, try to accept it, be flexible, open minded, be sensitive, communicate in a very friendly way, be a good listener and show desire to learn. You have to be resposible, understand their point of view, follow their rules in order to earn their trust. You have to be honest and patient. Being an au pair takes all the best you can be. You are on your own personal growth, while experiencing the cultural exchange. You have to make the biggest adjustment on yourself, since you are coming from a completely different world and culture".