We offer you assistance and a high level of service

To fill out an aupair application requires a lot. There are many things you have to know and learn, and it is time-consuming. Therefore we offer to manage the most for you. We need a few details from you, and then you can spend your time on other things. We keep you regularly informed of course, in the progress of the case.

Our service includes:

1. Creation of a case ID

2. Completion of the application

3. Creating the insurances

4. Contacting the Embassy etc.

5. We have our own contact person at the Authorities

Laura Navarro, a former au pair:

"You are still a stranger, the world is dangerous, and you are taking care of their most precious thing in the world. Their kids". 

"First of all at the beginning, try to accept it, be flexible, open minded, be sensitive, communicate in a very friendly way, be a good listener and show desire to learn. You have to be resposible, understand their point of view, follow their rules in order to earn their trust. You have to be honest and patient. Being an au pair takes all the best you can be. You are on your own personal growth, while experiencing the cultural exchange. You have to make the biggest adjustment on yourself, since you are coming from a completely different world and culture".

Do you consider an au pair for your family?