10. December 2020

Do you need more experience working with kids?

We have received a request from Babysits.se which helps Swedish families to find babysitters and publishes jobs for babysitters. One of the most important parameters when you have to be an au pair is that you have experience of childcare. So that's why it's a good idea to get a job as a babysitter. See Babysits.se 

To become an au pair, you need to be well prepared and have enough experience working with children! There are many different ways to increase your knowledge about working with kids. Read our 7 tips on how you can get more experience working with children!

 1. Siblings

Do you have a little brother or a little sister that you often look after? Do your parents put you in charge when they leave the house? Taking care of your own siblings is a great way to learn more about child care and how to handle different situations.

 2. Extended Family

Besides your siblings, you could also try babysitting your cousins, nieces, nephews, and other young family members. Since your family members already know you, they will feel more secure having you be their babysitter. If it is your first time babysitting, it could also be a big relief that the children already know you (and hopefully like you).

 3. Babysitter via Babysits.se

A great way to prepare yourself for an au pair trip, is to first work as a babysitter in your home country. It’s beneficial to have lots of experience with children before becoming an au pair, so that you don’t end up in an unusual or uncomfortable situation in a foreign country. Taking care of children who aren’t in your family, shows that you are able to adapt to different environments and personalities. On Babysits.se you can create a free babysitting profile and easily find parents in your area who need a sitter! Click here to create your babysitting account!

 4. Coaching

Have you ever been a coach? This is a great way to work with kids, while doing something you really enjoy! Think about your hobbies and interests. There are swim teams, dance groups, chess clubs, and all sorts of recreational activities that you can take part in. Make sure to mention your hobbies when you apply to become an au pair. It will be more fun for both you and the host family if you have similar interests!

 5. Camp Counselor

There are also many different types of camps! Basketball camp, art camp, wilderness camp, and so forth. Have you ever thought about being a camp counselor? It is a really fun way to get some more experience!

 6. Scout

Are you a boy/girl scout? Or have you ever been a boy/girl scout? Then maybe you have helped some of the younger scouts? This is also a great way to get experience working with children!

 7. Volunteer

Working at a daycare, pre-school, or elementary school, are a few of the best ways to learn about caring for children. It may be hard to get a job, however, if you are young and don’t have any formal childcare education. Instead, look into summer-jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. You can learn a lot from the people working there, and you will get plenty of experience working with different children!


Don’t forget to ask for references at each of the places where you have worked with children!


This article was written by Babysits. Babysits is a babysitting app and website that connects babysitters with families in a safe and secure manner. For more babysitting tips, check out the Babysits blog!


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