Au pair in Europe and Scandinavia

For many European or Scandinavian families, it makes great sense to have an au pair living in their home. Au pair is French and means "on equal terms" - and the purpose is precisely, that both parties get a positive experiences out of the stay.

An au pair can in theory come from any country in the world. Historically, au pairs in Scandinavia have previously been primarily from Eastern European countries. Today, however, it is especially au pairs from Asia who come to Europe to experience an au pair stay.

As a starting point, it does not matter much where an au pair comes from, as the same principles apply to the collaboration. But as a family, you may have a certain preference - for example, if you want the children to be introduced to a particular culture. In that case, it could be obvious to find an au pair from the particular culture in question, and who has the opportunity to learn from them.

Benefits of the au pair agreement.

In a busy every day life, it is difficult to manage everything. Several families appreciate extra help at home. With the help of an au pair, it all becomes much more manageable and at the same time there are a number of cultural benefits.

An au pair typically takes care of children and the general household. On the other hand, the family offers board and lodging on exactly the same terms as you normally live under, and a monthly salary called pocket money.

In addition to the obvious benefits - that you have an extra person to take care of childcare, cleaning, laundry and cooking, etc. Then the cultural exchange must not be underestimated. The au pair gets an introduction to the current country, the opportunity to experience our culture up close and not least experiences for life. As a host family, you also gain knowledge about the culture and country from which the visiting au pair comes from. This is instructive for everyone in the family - especially children, as they can gain an early insight into other cultures, learn more about the world and not least learn a new language or two. As a family, you often work closely together with your au pair, as you live and eat together every day after all. Thus, it is important that there is good chemistry between the parties, as you often leave the responsibility for your children to the au pair.

Are you considering bringing an au pair into the family? Then we will help you find more candidates to choose from. We are ready to answer questions and guide you through the process to ensure you get the right candidate.