Find an au pair

Today there are many opportunities to find au pairs, as there is great interest among applicants who would like to go to Denmark. But there can be a lot of paperwork and several pitfalls in connection with the application process, and here it may be relevant to get help from someone who specializes.

Many families are already busy in their daily lives, and since an au pair application requires a lot of work and a lot of rules to familiarize themselves with, it can be a good idea to buy assistance.

One possibility is to use, where for a small amount we can take care of the application from start to finish. This includes both the creation of a case file, the completion of the application, the establishment of the three compulsory insurances, contact with the Embassy / Consulate General and in addition we are available with guidance on everything that has to do with the process. Of course, we also find the best au pair applicants that best suit your family and bring you in contact with each other.

3 good reasons for getting an au pair

1. The family gets help with caring for children (perhaps to retrieve and bring to daycare and school) It can often be difficult to find time for both work and children, so if you want to make sure there are always some at home when you need it Then it is obvious to have an au pair accommodation. An au pair works well only a few hours a day, but you can arrange a schedule that makes it linked so that the au pair can take care of the children when needed.

2. The family gets help for several things in the house. Sometimes it can also be difficult to find time for cooking, and here an au pair can also typically come in with assistance. Many au pairs, especially from Asia, make delicious and healthy food, and want to share their food culture. So it's just to make use of it. Other benefits include cleaning and general household.

3. Cultural exchange between au pair and family. You get a really good friendship, and that includes insight into each other's cultures. An au pair always comes from abroad, so in any case you will be introduced to something completely new. The same applies even more to an au pair who will always get a unique stay in Denmark and get to know a very ordinary Danish family. And the language is certainly not to be forgotten. That the children get the opportunity to learn English and perhaps a language more, and au pair get the opportunity to learn Danish. It is something that comes to every benefit.

Do you want to get an au pair, who is already in Denmark?

If you want to get an au pair, that is already in Denmark already, then it may well be possible. But be aware, that the process may take longer, before there is a match. Both because the au pairs are here, often want to stay in that city / area they are already in geographical. But they can also have contact with several families at a time. And we also spend a lot of time asking, about why the au pair wants a family change.

The process * is as follows:

As a family you have to fill out the application form and send it to us. You can find the form here. Then we send the first invoice of 3,000,- DKR. When this is paid, we regularly send candidates who are in Denmark. We will continue to do this until there is a match. Then we send an invoice of 2,000,- DKR and fill in the application, create Caseid and insurance. Here we also guide you throughout the process, and help you to hopefully an approval. Do you have questions or anything. During the period you have the au pair at your address, you are always welcome to contact us. So we do not release you, even when the au pair is approved.

* The process is the same, regardless of, whether the au pair is outside Denmark or not.

Do you consider an au pair for your family?