25. October 2020

New restrictions

Last Friday, during the press conference with our Prime Minister, we imposed new restrictions in relation to the Corona virus. Fortunately, it can be said that for most industries, it did not mean a new shutdown, but simply increased use of a mouth piece in public areas, as well as more awareness that viruses are still here. Unfortunately, it still creates challenges for several industries, and we are all more or less affected by the restrictions. But lets get up on the horse and find your creativity again. We could handle it in the spring, and we can handle it again. And I think we are up for some different ways to hold, for example, the Christmas lunches this year than before.

So what challenges does it present for the families and au pairs at the moment? This spring, I had a great dialogue with several of the agencies I cooperate with, and one thing is for sure; We are all still working hard to solve what can be solved, and take on the challenges that come. In the spring, it was the case that despite the fact that the borders were closed, that when you had a visa and a recognizable purpose in Denmark, it was possible to enter the country. So far, that's what I still hear is valid. The challenge has been that the Philippine authorities have refused to let the au pairs leave the country. So it has had nothing to do with the Danish authorities. And I would generally like to praise the Danish authorities for being super quick to step in, if there has been a problem that needed to be solved right now. I think it shows, that we are all trying to adapt to the new situation, lift and solve the challenges together.

Mette Frederiksen imposed several restrictions last Friday. But I do not think it is something that creates challenges in terms of applying for an au pair. There is still a three-month processing time for an au pair application, and therefore I do not see any need to hold back from starting the process now.

I have many really good candidates who would like to go to Denmark and Scandinavia as an au pair. Many of them ask if Denmark is closed? So I have a lot of correspondence, and spend a lot of time "getting rid of the rumors". It is clear that the procedure is a little different than it usually is, due to the pandemic. But I think I, together with both au pairs, authorities and families, we get things resolved. We have had a number of au pairs coming up here in the last few months. If there are challenges in the process, it has so far been possible to cope with most of them. That is why we also always make a Power of Attorney for the applications, so that I can handle most things in the process for you.

Many families have also asked how they have had to approach, when they have had to pick up an au pair at the airport compared to Covid-19. And what are the rules? All au pairs must be tested before departure, and of course be able to present a negative test. When they arrive in Denmark, I have recommended to the families that they be tested as soon as possible and then go into isolation until there is a negative answer. Ie. that an au pair is tested twice within a week, ie both in the days before departure and on arrival. I think that is enough. However, if in doubt, I would always recommend contacting the Joint Authority's hotline on + 45 70 20 02 33. Here they can answer any questions regarding Corona virus if in doubt.

The assessment from this is that it is still possible to both apply for an au pair and get an au pair into the country. And it is also possible to get out of the country as an au pair. One must constantly distinguish between being a tourist, and having to live in the country for a longer period of time.

If you have questions about either getting or becoming an au pair, you are always welcome to contact me. I hope that with my network and with the "tools" I have got in my backpack (-not just during the Corona time) I can help both families and au pairs in a safe way, to get the best match and experiences together.

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