General rules

For au pairs and host families in Denmark.

There are, of course, certain rules and requirements that apply if you want an au pair living in the home. There is legislation for au pairs, and there are also certain requirements that a host family must live up to.

One must agree that cultural exchange is the primary purpose, and that the work itself is merely something related. The au pair must at the same time have free diet and lodging during the stay, and must be treated like any other person in the home.

Rules and requirements for the au pair (Danish Rules)

  • An au pair must be between 18 and 30 years in order to participate in the scheme.
  • An au pair must work between 3 and 5 hours a day, six days a week (max 30 hours a week) and are entitled to a minimum one day off day. However, some choose to spend more than one day off a week. In addition, all Danish holidays are also day off. They are entitled to five weeks of vacation a year and all holidays, holidays, holidays must be agreed in advance.
  • In addition to diet and accommodation, the au pair must receive a minimum of 4,250 kroner per month of the family in pocket money.
    There are more rules than these, but these were the general ones. Of course, we will put you in all the rules when we get started with the process itself.
  • You cannot be married 
  • You cannot have children (Not allowed in Denmark but allowed I other countries)

Rules and requirements for the family (Danish rules)

  • You must be a family with at least one parent and at least one child under 18 years of age
  • One of the parents must have Danish citizenship
  • You have to be self-sufficient -dvs. not provided by the state
  • One must offer free diet and lodging, pay the minimum wage / pocket allowance rate each month, and offer the au pair own room approved for residence at home
  • You must draw three compulsory insurance on the au pair
  • If the au pair comes from a country outside the EU, the host family must pay for the flight both to and from Denmark
  • Pay an amount of 5,170 kroner for the state's expenses for Danish education. Whether the au pair wants to use this or not.
  • In addition, both parties are required to enter into a written contract between the au pair and the host family
  • The termination is also mutual and must be terminated in writing
    Although there are many requirements for both host family and au pair, and not everyone is mentioned here, we help to ensure that all requirements are met by both parties.


If you want to apply as an au pair in other countries than Denmark, that is possible too. Send us an e-mail with your wishes, and we will try to find you a family there.

Do you consider an au pair for your family?